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Forthcoming Publication: "Political Economy of Morocco: EU is an anchor for neo-liberal transformation?"

"Political Economy of Morocco: EU as an Anchor for neo-liberal transformation?" in Political Economy of Muslim Countries, Cambridge Scholars Publishing 


In terms of its history and institutional characteristics, Morocco has always been a remarkable country regarding its political and economic relations with the EU. The EU’s role as an anchor for neo-liberal restructuring in Morocco gained momentum during the 1980s in relation to this unique socio-political context and institutional power relations in policy making. This role advanced further in 2008 when the EU granted Morocco “advanced status”, making it a closer EU ally than any other North African country. In addition to gaining from EU economic incentives and financial assistance, Morocco pursued a series of economic reforms in privatization, investment and trade liberalization, which have contributed to the country’s development. These economic policies have helped transform it from a debt-burdened nation into an economically neo-liberal, middle-class nation.


The role of the state in the economy and the interaction of political and economic actors in Morocco have strongly shaped the country’s development strategy. Morocco’s unique political institutional set up and the interplay of power relations, which is referred to as the “Moroccan exception”, makes it a special case worthy of attention in studying the country’s development in a political economic context. This political context, which has enabled the state to intervene in conflicts or social problems whenever needed, keeps Morocco relatively stable in comparison to the persistent political and social tensions that have hindered economic development in other North African and Middle Eastern countries.


This chapter tries to examine how EU-Morocco cooperation and existing interdependencies have shaped the development of economic liberalisation in Morocco. In the first part, it discusses the interplay of power relations and the interaction between key governing actors with reference to the notion of “Moroccan exception”. In the second part, it analyses the context of Morocco’s political economy, starting from the state-led growth policies of the early years of independence that then evolved into economic liberalism based on policy reform. By focusing on the progressive impacts of political and economic reforms, it tries to explore whether this neo-liberal transformation and complex compromise have successfully supplanted the previous “state-development model” or paved the way for the powers of the state to be reconstituted within a new framework.

Past Events

Seminar: "Izmir: A city of migration and its recent experience of hosting migrants and refugees"

Women for Europe, November 24, 2017 Izmir


Presentation: UNESCO Chair on International Migration

39th Session of the General Conference of UNESCO, October 31, 2017, Paris

25th anniversary of UNITWIN/UNESCO Chairs Programme    

Calistay: "Goc ve Egitim Sisteminde Entegrasyon"

13-15 Ekim 2017, Istanbul 

Avrupa Liberal Forumu

Workshop Moderator: Developments in the EU’s Migration Policy

Conference on the Global Developments in the field of Migration and Impact on the Migration Situation in Turkey

13-14 September 2017, Ankara

Organized by: ICMPD 




Seminer: Gocmen Kacakcılıgı Algisi ve Gocmenlerin Karar Surecleri: Izmir Saha Arastirmasi Bulgulari

Gocmen Kacakciligi ve Insan Ticareti ile Mucadele Semineri, 13 Eylul 2017, Antalya

Duzenleyen: IOM ve Sahil Guvenlik Komutanligi 

Online Seminar: "Smart Phones: The only friend and guide of refugees on their perilous journey"

Polytechnic Institute of Setubal, Portugal, May 15 2017

Keynote Speech a "Changing world, changing attitudes"  

Smart Phones : The only friend and guide of refugees on their perilous journey 

Assist.Prof.Dr.Ayselin YILDIZ, Yasar University, Turkey

UNESCO Chair on International Migration


Smart phones are not only the facilitators of our lives and but also the connectors between societies and ideas all over the world. Despite their contributions to the development of humankind, they also constitute a challenge if used for immoral purposes which might threaten the security of information and our lives as well.


While the “security” and “smart phones” are mostly associated within a negative context, smart phones have totally a different role in refugees and migrants’ lives; they are the source of survival. Referring to the interviews I have conducted with several refugees and migrants (Syrians, Afghans, Pakistanis, Iraqis, Eritreans) transiting Turkey to reach Europe, smart phones are mentioned as lifesavers on their perilous journeys; to contact smugglers, to find out routes, to inform their followers about the next border crossings and to check-in for announcing safe arrival to the targeted destinations. Having left all their belongings back in the ruined homes, having lost their family members somewhere on their journey, smart phones are their only friend and guide on the dramatic and lonely journey of survival.

Seminer: Multeci Gorusmelerinde Psikolojinin Rolu ve Disiplinlerarasi Yaklasimin Gerekliligi

25 Mayis 2017

Yasar Universitesi, Psikoloji Bolumu



Online Lecture: Project Budget, Financial Reporting

Online Lecture: Project Budget, Financial Reporting

1-2 June 2017

As a team member of JMM coordinated by Eastern European University, Ukraine

Subjects: PCM, Project Budget, Financial Reporting, Dissemination, Evaluation and Sustainibility


Seminer: Goc Sorunlariyla Mucadelede Egitim ve Diplomasinin Rolu

Training: Project Planning for Izmir DG Migration Management

'Project Planning for Calls on Migration'; The training is designed only for the experts of Izmir DG Migration Management

27-28 April 2017


Seminar: Migrant Smuggling in the Aegean Region

Presentation: Fifth Global International Conference

Fifth Global International Studies Conference 1-3 April, 2017, Taipei, Taiwan

"From regional crisis to policy formulation: Repercussions of refugee crisis on EU-Turkey Relations”

Jean Monnet Module Semineri: Uluslararasi Proje Kaynaklarına Basvuru Surec Yonetimi

Seminer: "Gocmen Kacakciligi ve Insan Ticareti ile Mucadele", IOM

Göçmen Kaçakçılığı ve İnsan Ticareti ile Mücadele Semineri
(Counter Migrant Smuggling and Human Trafficking Seminar)

4-6 Ocak 2017, Izmir
23 Mart 2017, Antalya

IOM, Goc Idaresi Genel Mudurlugu, Sahil Guvenlik Komutanligi ve Ingiltere Buyukelciligi

Jean Monnet Modul Semineri: Turkiye-AB Iliskilerinde bir Entegrasyon Araci olarak AB Mali Yardimlari, ESIAD

Jean Monnet Semineri: “Türkiye-AB İlişkilerinde bir Entegrasyon Aracı olarak AB Mali Yardımları”
Ege Sanayici ve İş Adamları Derneği, 22 Aralık 2016


Seminar: "Irregular Migration and Refugee Movements at the Aegean Sea", Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants

Presentation: An Academic Perspective on Irregular Migration Movements
15-16 December 2016, İzmir
Organized by Association for Solidarity with Asylum Seekers and Migrants (ASAM)



Seminer: "Goc ve Uyum", Izmir Valiligi Il Goc Idaresi Mudurlugu

Uluslararasi Gocmenler Gunu Etkinligi
İzmir Valiligi İl Göç İdaresi Müdürlüğü
Sunum: Goc ve Uyum Politikalari


Symposium: "2nd Turkish-German Frontiers of Social Science Symposium 2016"

2nd Turkish-German Frontiers of Social Science Symposium 2016
"Forced Migration: Structures, Actors, Processes"
November 24 – 27, 2016
Gelsenkirchen, Germany
"Turkey’s Evolving Immigration Policy and its Implications on Turkey-EU Relations"

Seminar: "Europe from Outside Seminars", University of Torino

turin2“Migration as a Challenge in EU-Turkey Relations: Sharing Field Study Research Findings from Izmir” (MEDMIG Project Results)
Universita di Torino, 17 November 2016
Europe from Outside Seminars

Speech at "Assembly of European Regions Committee on Regional Development and Economy"

"Migration and Employment in Turkey"
Organized by Assembly of European Regions
Registration: https://aer.eu/event/autumn-committees-plenary/

International Symposium on "Refugees and Migrants: A Global Problem or an Asset"

tubaInternational Symposium on “Refugees and Migrants: A Global Problem or an Asset” jointly organised by Association of Academies and Societies of Sciences in Asia (AASSA) & Turkish Academy of Sciences (TUBA)
20-23 October 2016, Ankara
Paper Presentation: “Policy and Politics of European Migration Crisis: Insights from a Field Research in Izmir”

Research Workshop: "ARGE Proje Gunleri"

proje gunleri jpeg

ARGE Proje Günleri-Ulusal ve AB Hibe Programları, Proje Yönetimi
Tarih: 13-14 Ekim 2016
Yer: Yaşar Üniversitesi Konferans Salonu








Bu etkinlik "AB Hibeleri ve Proje Yönetimi" isimli Jean Monnet Modülü kapsamında ve Yaşar Üniversitesi Bilgi ve Teknoloji Transfer Ofisi işbirliğinde düzenlenmektedir.

Seminar: "21.Yuzyilda Uluslararasi Goc", Yeditepe Universitesi"

21.Yüzyılda Uluslararası Göç, Yeditepe Üniversitesi, 10-11 Ekim 2016
"Avrupa'da Göçmen Sorununu Anlamak: MEDMIG Projesi Araştırma Bulguları"

Training: Project Planning and EU Grant Programmes

mersin-fotoProject Planning and EU Grant Programmes (Centralized Actions)
24-27 September 2016, Mersin
Ministry of Education Mersin Directorate General

Seminar: Keynote Speaker at EAIE's Spotlight Seminar

EAIE Spotlight Seminar: 'Integrating refugees into higher education: solutions for a generation on the run'
Amsterdam, 9-10 June 2016
Keynote Speakers:
Helena LINDHOLM (University of Gothenburg) and Ayselin YILDIZ


eaie 1 eaie 2 eaie 3

Panel:"Conflicts on NATO`s Southeastern Flank: Migration and Violent Extremism"

“Conflicts on NATO`s Southeastern Flank: Migration and Violent Extremism”
NATO Allied Land Command, Izmir
27 May 2016

nato NATOstudent

Panel: "Challenges for European Asylum Policy: People and Crisis in Limbo"

"Challenges for European Asylum Policy: People and Crisis in Limbo"
Panel organized by DAAD (Ankara), 24.05.2016

daad panel

Conference: "International Migration and Diplomacy"

International Migration and Diplomacy May 18, 2016
Koc University, MIREKOC and Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs Center for Strategic Research


Seminar: Migration as a Challenge in EU-Turkey Relations"
Seminar: "Refugee Crisis and EU Turkey Deal"

eu turkey deal announcement

Workshop Presentation: "Refugees in Turkey"

Keynote Speech: "Refugees in Izmiroxford uni seminar: in transit, stranded or settling down? Account from a key migration hub in Turkey"
18 March, 2016 at University of Oxford, Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), South East European Studies (SEESOX)


Jean Monnet Module Reading Material (GRAF020)
Online Seminar Series between Yasar University and University of Pittsburgh

(This activity is organized as part of the enhanced institutional cooperation between Yasar University and University of Pittsburgh as part of FP7 project, EUGLOBAL)


Reading List for Seminar on November 13, 17:00-18:30, Senate Room)
Topic: Population and Migration 
Session Coordinators: Christopher Blasco and Ayselin Yıldız

Reading List for Seminar on November 6, 17:00-18:30, Senate Room)
Topic: Conflict and Proliferation of Weapons
Session Coordinators: Christopher Blasco and Nazif Mandacı 

Reading List for Online Seminar with Uni.Pitt (October 16, 18:00-19:30) Senate Room
Topic: Inequality and Poverty


Seminar: "EU's Asylum Policy"



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