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INRL360 EU-Turkey Relations

(2017-18 Spring)

Section I: Tuesday 13:30-14:20 (Y321) Friday 12:30-14:20 (Y211)

Section II (Y321): Tuesday 15:30-17:20 Thursday 14:30-15:20

Office Hours: Thursdays 15:30-17:30, Y420 or by appointment

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Lecture Notes and Additional Course Materials

Please get your articles from the university copy center. The articles below are additional reading materials.

Lecture I 

Lecture II

Difference between European Council and the Council of the EU

EU-Turkey Relations I

EU-Turkey Relations II

Energy Policy

Lecture III (Institutions and Decision Making)

Future of the EU, Update of Customs Union

Additional Reading: White Paper on the Future of Europe

Pascal Fontaine. "Europe in 12 Lessons". 2014
(For the students from disciplines other than IR-background info)

Desmond Dinan. 2007. "Fifty Years of European Integration: A Remarkable Achievement. Fordham International Law Journal. v31, issue 5

Yıldız, A. (2013). “Theoretical Analysis of Turkey-EU relations after the Lisbon Treaty: Alignment through ‘Europeanization’ or ‘Differentiated Integration’?”. In Hursoy, S. Turkey’s Quest for the EU: Membership Towards 2023. Ege University Publications

Atila Eralp, Zerrin Torun (2012). "Europe as seen from Turkey: From a Strategic Goal to an Instrumental Partnership?". Perspectives. 20 (2), pp.83.102

Meltem Müftüler Baç. (2015). "The revitalization of the Turkish-European Union relations: Old wine in new bottles". IPC-Mercator Policy Brief


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