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INRL 457 Politics of Migration

This course is offered as part of “UNESCO Chair on International Migration” activities.

Mondays 14:30-16:20 (Y211)
Thursdays 12:30-13:20 (Y211)

Mid-term exam date: November 6, 2017  (at regular hour and place of the course)
Final exam date: December 29, 2017 10:00-12:00, Y321



By Simon Kneebone

Lecture Notes


  • No course on 20th November, 2017
  • Film Analysis Questions, “Lost Boys of Sudan” 16/11/2017, 12-00-13:30,  at the Cinema Hall. Submission due date: 30th November 
  • Quiz results
  • Please choose your presentation topic, link
  • Field Visit to Izmir DG Migration Management, 16 October 2017 Departure from the campus at 14:00

Additional  readings
Russell King. 2012. Theories and Typologies of Migration: An Overview  and a Primer. Willy Brandt Series of Working Papers in International Migration and Ethnic Relations 3/12. Malmö University

Article on “Migration and Integration

Article on “Naturalization Policies”

New York Declaration (To be debated in class)

Student Presentations

October 12: Astou-Betul-Uğur
October 19: Ebru-Merve-Ekin
October 26: Bensu- 
November 9: Deniz
November 16: Alejandro-Melisa-Ezgi
November 23: Zeynep-Cagla-Nagore
November 30:Esra-Dilek-Selin
December 7: Yeşim-Yusra
December 14: Atakan-Tutku
December 21: Burcin

Presentation Guide

Presentation Evaluation Grid 

Presentation Grades

16020006024: 86
16020006133: 89
16020006011: 93
14020002003: 92
13020006033: 92
13020006013: 86
13020006036: 93

Student Presentations

Migration before 1945
Main Policies in the EU: Main Trends and Challenges (Part I)

Migration Policies in the EU: Main Trends and Challenges (Part II)

Migration Policies in the EU: Main Trends and Challenges (Part III)

Migration Trends and Challenges in the US and Canada





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