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Department of International Relations
Üniversite Caddesi, No:35-37,  35100 Bornova,  Izmir/ Turkiye
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Short Bio / Kısa özgeçmiş
CV (EN) / Özgeçmiş (TR)

Position: Assoc.Prof.Dr. Yasar University,
UNESCO Chairholder on “International Migration” (2016-2024)
Committee Member, UNESCO Turkey Management of Social Transformations(MOST) Migration Group
Member of EuroMedMig
Member of GERIS Netwotk (Global Exchange on Religion in Society) 
Founder and Director, European Union Research Center (2005-2015)
Independent Expert/Evaluator for EU projects

Academic Studies:  Migration and Asylum Policies in Europe, EU-Turkey Relations, Border Management,  External Relations of the EU,  internationalization of higher education

Project Management Experience: (since 2002)

Middle East Technical University, International Relations, PhD (2012)
Middle East Technical University, MSc, European Studies (2004)
Anadolu University, Open Education Faculty, Jurisprudence (2018- 2020)
Dokuz Eylul University, BSc,International Relations (2001)
Bornova Anatolian Highschool (Eng)

Research Fellow:
University of Pittsburgh, EUCE/ESC, 2015 (USA)
University of California Berkeley, EU Center of Excellence, 2009 (USA)
Wageningen University, 2004 (Netherlands)

Teaching experience

Undergraduate Courses



Yıldız, A. 2016.”The European Union’s Immigration Policy: Managing Migration in Turkey and Morocco”. Palgrave Macmillan

Book Flyer

Edited Book 

Yıldız, A. 2019. “Integration of Refugee Students in European Higher Education: Comparative Country Cases”. Izmir: Yasar University Publications ISBN: 987-975-6339-71-8

Book Chapters

 Journal Articles

Research Reports

Policy Brief Editor

UNESCO Chair on International Migration Policy Brief Series, published at least 3 times in a year, ISSN: 2619-9440


  • Gender Equality and Higher Education in Iraq, SPARK
  • Training Module: Intercultural Communication, IOM Turkey
  • SAGLIGIM, EU Sivil Düşün Programe, Coordinator
  • Wellbeing, Housing, and Infrastructure in Turkey (WHIT), 2019-2021 (Funded by British Academy) (2019-2021), Senior Researcher
  • Mentoring Programme for Young People at Risk for Labour Force Entry (EMPLOY) (2019-2021), Senior Researcher
  • Preparation of Country of Origin Booklet (2020), Senior Researcher, Implementor: IOM Turkey, DGMM
  • Enhancing the Capacity of Removal Centres within the Framework of International Human Rights Standards (2019), Senior researcher, Implementor: IOM Turkey, DGMM
  • Needs Analysis Report of Removal/Readmission Centers, 2018, Research coordinator, Implementor: IOM Turkey, DGMM
  • Integrating Syrians into Turkish Higher Education through Recognition of Qualifications, Project Coordinator, 2018,   (HOPES MADAD Programme), 2017-2018
  • “Inclusion in or Exclusion from Turkish Labour Market? An Ethnographic Analysis on Syrian refugees in İzmir”, Project Coordinator, August 2017-February 2018, Yasar University Research Project (BAP)
  • IOM, “Perception of Smuggling Business and on Decision Making Processes of Migrants” IOM, 2016-2017, Research Coordinator
  • Jean Monnet Module, “EU Grants and Project Management”, Project Coordinator
  • Jean Monnet Module, “EU Grants and Project Management”, Project Coordinator, 2014-17
  • 7th Framework Marie Currie IRSES Programme: “Transatlantic Perspectives in a Changing Global Context: Multilateralism through Regionalism” Partner Coordinator, 2012-15
  • Erasmus Multilateral Programme: “UBIcamp: Integrated Solution to Virtual Mobility Barriers”, Partner Coordinator, 2012-14
  • Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation Program: “Developing Case Based Vocational Training for Innovation Management”, Partner Coordinator, 2013-15
  • Izmir Development Agency, Economic Diversity in Rural Finacial Aid Programme: “Sarpıncık Soap Atelier: From Athena’s Olives to Karaburun’s Soaps”, Project Consultant, 2011-12
  • “Erasmus Intensive Turkish Courses”, Project Coordinator, 2011
  • Grundtvig Programme: “United in the Same Wine Glass”, Expert Counselling (Coordinator: Yasar University), 2012
  • Transversal Programme: “The Impact of LLL Strategies on Professional Higher Education”, Partner Coordinator, 2010-12
  • Comenius/ Multilateral Programme, “Project Based School Management”- External Evaluator
  • Leonardo da Vinci Programme, “Educational Strategies for the Promotion of Natural Heritage”, Partner Coordinator
  • Socrates/ Intensive Programmes- “Security in an Information Society”, Partner Coordinator, 2007-08
  • Projects Coordinated, Involved and Consulted (Page 2) LLP/Intensive Programmes-“Securing the Digital World”, Partner Coordinator, 2008
  • LLP/Intensive Programmes- “Management Summer School 2008”, Partner Coordinator, 2008
  • Jean Monnet Action-“If the ECSC was Negotiated Today”, Partner Coordinator, 2007
  • LLP/Thematic Networks- “The Network of European Studies”, Partner Coordinator, 2007
  • LLP/ Intensive Programmes:“Network Security 4 and 6” Project Coordinator, 2008-09
  • Bridges of Knowledge Programme: “Training Program on the Enlargement Process of the European Union and Turkey”, Project Assistant, 2002
  • Jean Monnet A3022,“ResearchingEurope: The European Integration by the View of Young Researchers”, Project Assistant, 2003
  • INTERREG III B MEDOCC Programme “Network of Mediterranean Universities and other Academic Institutions- Master in Euro-Mediterranean Affairs”, Project Assistant, 2002-2003
  • British Council-ODTÜ “Next Generation Europeans: Diversity in Action”, Project Assistant, 2003
  • Wageningen University (Netherlands), “Turkey in the European Union: Exploring the Consequences for Agricultural, Food, Rural Development and Structural Policy”, Project Assistant, 2004

Awards and Scholarships

  • UNESCO Chair on International Migration (2016-2020 and 2021-24)
  • Jean Monnet Module Grant for the course “EU Grants and Project Management”; 28.136 Euros, 2015
  • Research Fellow at University of Pittsburgh (USA), Marie Curie Grant, 2015
  • Research Fellow at University of California Berkeley (USA), 2009
  • Wageningen University (Netherlands), Ministry of Agriculture NL Grant
Ayselin YILDIZ Yaşar University

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