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INRL 457 Politics of Migration

This course is offered as part of “UNESCO Chair on International Migration” activities.

Mondays 14:30-16:20 (Y211)
Thursdays 12:30-13:20 (Y211)

Mid-term exam date: November 6, 2017  (at regular hour and place of the course)

Final Exam: 29 December 10:00-12:00 Y321


Dear Students,

The grading of the course is done in line with the course syllabus; all your course performance is evaluated with letter grades (mid-term and final), not with 100 scaling. However, due to the technical problems of the OBYS system, the letter grades has to be reflected over 100 scaling. Therefore, the grades given over 100 scaling system or the percentages on the OBYS system are not binding. All the students are informed about their letter grades on time in detail over the course web site and also in class. The only correct and binding grades in the OBYS is your FİNAL COURSE GRADE. 

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By Simon Kneebone

Lecture Notes



Presentation (guest lecture)

Additional  readings
Russell King. 2012. Theories and Typologies of Migration: An Overview  and a Primer. Willy Brandt Series of Working Papers in International Migration and Ethnic Relations 3/12. Malmö University

Article on “Migration and Integration

Article on “Naturalization Policies”

Student Presentations

October 12: Astou-Betul-Uğur
October 19: Ebru-Merve-Ekin
October 26: Bensu- 
November 9: Deniz
November 30: Zeynep-Cagla-Nagore
December 4: Alejandro-Melisa-Ezgi
December 11:Esra-Dilek-Selin
December 11: Yeşim-Yusra
December 14: Atakan-Tutku Somuncu
December 18: Osman
December 18: Burcin Colak

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Presentation Evaluation Grid 

Presentation Grades

16020006024: 86
16020006133: 89
16020006011: 93
14020002003: 92
13020006033: 92
13020006013: 86
13020006036: 93
17090904069: 88
12020006032: 81
12020006038: 83
13020006025: 89
12020006041: 90
16020006049: 90

Student Presentations

UN Sustainable Development Goals and Migration (Burcin Colak)

Integration Policies (Yusra Burucu)

Migration Management in Turkey (Tutku Somuncu)

Migration Management in Turkey (Atakan Gülbudak)

Migrant Smuggling and Human Trafficking (Nagore Pascual)

Economics of Migration (Deniz Temiz) 

Migration before 1945

Main Policies in the EU: Main Trends and Challenges (Part I)

Migration Policies in the EU: Main Trends and Challenges (Part II)

Migration Policies in the EU: Main Trends and Challenges (Part III)

Migration Trends and Challenges in the US and Canada

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