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INRL209 International Relations Theories

caveman_fire_develop_theories_1549935(Fall, 2017-18)

Section I:

Tuesday: 16:30-18:20 (Y211) and Thursday 11:30-12:20 (Y211) 

Office Hours: Thursdays 13:30-14:30 (Y420)


Section II:
Tuesday 09:30-12:30 (Y321)

Course Syllabus

Student course evaluations of previous years.


Dear Students,

The grading of the course is done in line with the course syllabus; all your course performance is evaluated with letter grades (mid-term and final). However, due to the technical problems of the OBYS system, the letter grades has to be reflected over 100 scaling. Therefore, the grades given over 100 scaling system or the percentages on the OBYS system are not binding. All the students are informed about their letter grades on time in detail over the course web site and also in class. The only correct and binding grades in the OBYS is your FİNAL COURSE GRADE. 



Paper Debates

  1. Pinar Bilgin, Berivan Elis.(2008) “Hard power, Soft Power: Toward a More Realistic Power Analysis”. Insight Turkey. 10 (2). pp.5-20
  2. G.John Ikkenberry (2009) “Liberal Institutionalism 3.0:America and the Dilemmas of Liberal World Order” Perspective on Politics. 7(1): 71-89 (To be debated for the week 9-12 October)
  3. J.Nye “The Dark Side of Self-Determination” January 9, 2009  (To be debated on October 26 for Thursday section and November 14 for Tuesday section)
  4. Waltz, K. (1993): ‘The Emerging Structure of International Politics’, International Security 18(2) pp.44-79.  (To be debated on October 26 for Thursday section and November 14 for Tuesday section)
  5. Francis Fukuyama. “End of History”. 1989. The National Interest (November 2, 2017 Thursday section, November 28 Tuesday section)
  6. March Lynch, “Kissinger the Constructivist”, October 21, 2014 (To be debated 20-23 November week)
  7. Stephen M. Walt. “International Relations: One World, Many Theories”.Foreign Policy.No. 110, Special Edition: Frontiers of Knowledge. (Spring, 1998) (November 27-30 week for both sections)



Topic Submission due date
What are the six principles of Hans Morgenthau’s political realism   October 10, 2017 
How do liberals explain modernization of state?  October 17, 2017
Citing to Wendt (1999), briefly explain the three cultures of anarchy. Explain the Hobbsian, Lockean and Kantian perspectives November 21, 2017 
How “power” is conceptualised in IR studies? December 5, 2017


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