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IR 3360 EU-Turkey Relations

(2018-19 Spring)

Mondays 13:30-16:20 (Y216) 

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Mid-term Exam: 18.3.2019, 14:30-16:00, Y321

No lecture on 1.4.2019, make-up lecture will be done on 26.3.2019 between 18:00-20:00 at Y214.

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Lecture Notes and Additional Course Materials
Presentation Dates

March 11: Institutions of the EU: Begüm

March 11: Julia B. and Julia S.

March 25 : History of EU –Turkey Relations: From Ankara Agreement until Helsinki Summit: Suleyman, Onur

March 25: History of EU –Turkey Relations: From Helsinki Summit till 2005 Klaudia

March 25: Economic aspects of EU-Turkey Relations: Busra, Merve

April 8: Accession negotiations with the EU: Özgecan, Ilgaz

April 8: Cyprus issue in EU-Turkey Relations: Elif, Ecem,Betül

April 15: Energy issues in EU-Turkey Relations Melisa, Aykut

April 15: Brexit and possible impacts for EU-Turkey Relations: Gizem, Beyza

April 22: What the people outside/on the street think about EU-Turkey relations? Weronika, Marius, Maks

April 29: What are the main prospects and challenges in EU-Turkey relations: Selcuk, Esra, Ethem

April 29: What is the role of Germany in EU-Turkey Relations? Melis, Zafer

May 6: EU-Turkey relations in cartoons, Ahmet Berk, Efe

May 6: “Analysing the benefits and critiques of possible full membership of Turkey to the EU?” Buğce, Alperen

May 13 Future of European Integration: Differentiated Integration model? Talha, Melis

May 13 Future of EU-Turkey Relations: Neslihan, Kadir Tunc

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