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IR 4457 Politics of Migration

This course is offered as part of “UNESCO Chair on International Migration” activities.

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Lecture: Tuesdays 13:30-16:20 
Office Hours: Wednesdays 10:30-12:00

Mid-term exam date: 5.11.2019



By Simon Kneebone
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Course grading (Reminder: As indicated in the syllabus and also mentioned in class, the grading of the course is determined by letter grades. Since OBS system requires numeric equivalency, grades are entered to the system over 100. Ignore the numbers, they are just used to show your letter grades).

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  • Visit to Izmir Provincial Directorate General of Migration Management: 10 December. 
  • Please choose your presentation topic by clicking the link 

    Some of you have already chosen the topics that have been previously booked by others. Latecomers please change your topic and choose a free slot.

    November 26: Migration Issue in EU-Turkey Relations (max 3 students can choose) 
    Booked by Ceren and Ilkem on 20 October
    Latecomers: Selen, Ilayda, Sedef need to choose another topic. If any third from this group Selen Buluc can join as she booked on 21 October.

    December 3: Return and Reintegration
    Booked by Bugce and Neslihan on 20 October.
    Latecomer Selen Oz. needs to chose another topic.

Confirmed Presention Teams&Dates

Begum&Esma Nur: November 19, Asylum Policy of the EU

Ilkem&Ceren: December 3, Migration Issue in EU-Turkey Relations

Begum&Beyza Hilal: December 3, Migration Issue in BREXIT

Tugba&Busra: December 3, Migration Issue Reflected by Cartoons

Deniz&Su: December 17, Migrant Smuggling and Trafficking

Alperen&Mert: December 17, Migration policies in the US

Elif&Betul Ece: December 17, 1923 Great Population Exchange between Turkey and Greece

Misra&Ceyda: December 17, Brain drain from Turkey

Ceyda&Ecem: December 24, Naturalization and Citizenship

Neslihan&Bugce: December 24, Return and Reintegration

Berfin&Atakan: December 24: Forced migration: Cases from all over the world

Additional  readings

Ayselin Yildiz, “Goc ve Entegrasyon Politikalarinda Vatandaslik” (Citizenship, Migration and Integration Policies) , Ocak-Haziran 2017, Goc Arastirmalari Dergisi, 3 (1), ss.36-67

Batalla, L., Tolay, J. 2018. “Toward long-term solidarity with Syrian refugees? Turkey’s policy response and challenges”. Atlantic Council in Turkey 

Russell King. 2012. Theories and Typologies of Migration: An Overview  and a Primer. Willy Brandt Series of Working Papers in International Migration and Ethnic Relations 3/12. Malmö University

Article on “Migration and Integration

Article on “Naturalization Policies”

Presentation Grades
15020006005: 94
15020006018: 92
15020006004: 96
16090904015: 96
16090904004: 98
16090904020: 95
16020006044: 95
16020006057: 95 
16020006036: 97
15020006009: 94
16020006045: 94
15020006012: 97
16020006128: 97
15020006040: 95
16020006065: 95




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