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Planned Activities:

  • Each semester 42 hours contact hours of  lecturing, course will be offered to all Yasar University students
  • 1 workshop on EU Grants and Project Planning for young researchers participating from 9 universities in Izmir.
  • 1 training programme for NGO members and policy makers on “EU Policies Grant Programmes and Project Cycle Management”.
  • 1 seminar open to public where Jean Monnet Chairs will give presentations on EU policies.
  • 1 public seminar which promotes Erasmus+ or Jean Monnet Scholarship Programme where people will have possibility to contact with policy makers from Ministry of EU Affairs and Turkish National Agency about the available grant opportunities to support their study, research or activities.
  • An online platform where the course material and a project management kit will be published together with a updated search database for EU grants for different target groups.

2016-2017 Activities
Title of the Activity Dates Target Group
Course: INRL 470 EU Grants and Project Management 2016-17 Fall and Spring Semester  Undergraduate students of YU
Training: Project Planning and EU Grant Programmes (Centralized Actions) 24-27 September 2016 Ministry of Education Mersin Directorate General
Workshop for Researchers (ARGE Proje Günleri) 13-14 October 2016 Academics/researchers
EU Grant Programmes as a Tool for European Integration  December 22, 2016 Public
Online Teaching: Project Management at Eastern European University (Ukraine)    June 1-2, 2017  Students, academics of EEU
EU research policy and how to apply  grant programmes? March 17, 2017  Anadolu University
Project Planning April 27-28, 2017 İzmir DG Migration Management
2015-2016 Activities
Title of the Activity Dates Target Group
Course: INRL 470 EU Grants and Project Management 2015-16 Fall Semester  Undergraduate students of YU
Seminar: “Scholarships to study in Europe” October 19, 2015 All students (open to public)(In cooperation with Ministry of EU, Izmir Office)
Training: “Project Planning for EU Grants Schemes” October 20-21 2015 Aegean Exporters’ Union
Seminar: “EU Grants as Means of Supporting Research and Fostering European Networks in Turkey” October 23, 2015 Jean Monnet Chairs and Academics studying EU in Turkey(In cooperation with EU Delegation to Turkey)
 Seminar: "EU-Turkey Relations in a New Era?"  May 9, 2016  Public
2014-2015 Activities
 Title of the Activity Dates Target Group
INOV 514Project Management Course Sep.14-Jan.15 YU Graduate Programme of Business Engineering
Training Course: EU Policies and Project Planning  Sep., 17,24,31, 2014
Nov. 14, 2014
YU Faculty of Architecture
Teaching Staff
EU Policies Grant Programmes & PCM Training Nov.11, 2014 Urla Municipality City Council and NGO members
Erasmus+ Programme and PCM Training Dec.25-26, 2014 Akdeniz University Faculty of Communication
Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships Dec.5,2014 High school teachers in cooperation with DG Bornova, Ministry of Education
Training seminar:"How to prepare successful proposals for Jean Monnet Module calls?" Dec.9, 2014 All academic staff from universities in Izmir

Print“The European Commission support for the production of all course and training materials  does not constitute endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.”

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