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IR4400 EU Grants and Project Management (Syllabus)


Awarded by the European Commission between 2014-17
Budget: 28.136 Euros.

Period: 01.09.2014-31.08.2017

JM Module entitled “EU Grants and Project Management” aims to increase the awareness and also individuals’ knowledge, skills and competences concerning to benefit from available EU grants allocated for them. It aims to contribute to close the existing gap of knowledge, skills and competence about EU education and research programmes, available grant opportunities and the project management that is needed to develop successful applications.

The target group is composed of not only students from multi-disciplinary (first and second cycle students of international relations, business engineering, arts and design, communication sciences) but also young researchers, NGO members and policy makers.

Before you select this course you might like to read the Student course evaluations of previous years.

2019 Spring: Section I: Tuesdays 15:30-18:20 (Y216) & Section II: Thursdays 12:30-15:20 (Y216)


You can get your PCM certificates from Faculty Secretary Mrs.Eda Kaplan.

IR4400 2019 FINAL EXAM

Final Exam Budget form

Midterm exam results (Check excel sheets for sections)

Groups for Section I
Group 1: İrem, Kadir Tunç, Ahmet Berk, Ezgi Su, Weronika
Group 2: Esma, Aykut, Selen, Doğuş, Maksymilian
Group 3: Begüm, Efe, Rabia, Gamze, Baha

Groups for Section II
Group 1: İlkem, Gökçe Nur, Begüm, Selen, Julia B
Group 2: Yeşim, Su, Nurdan, İlayda, Julia S
Group 3: Ali Caner, Berkcan, Hande, Deniz 
TUBITAK Group: Seyhan, Çağla, Mustafa, Marius
Please inform me if any other student is wiling prepare a TUBITAK project

Quiz results for Section II who gained +5 points for their mid-term exam: İlayda, Begüm, Su, Selen, Berkcan, Julia B. Julia S.  

Midterm exam:
Section I: 19.3.2019 15:30-17:00 Y216
Section II: 21.3.2019 12:30-14:00 Y216

Problem analysis tree: sample

Class team activity

Please read:


 Print“The European Commission support for the production of all course and training materials  does not constitute endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.”


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