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Acculturation strategy and level of acculturation stress among international students enrolled in higher education in Turkey

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The research project aims to contribute to finding “durable solutions” for housing infrastructural deficits by using mixed methods at residential, neighbourhood and city-scales. It seeks to investigate the relations between formal/informal housing infrastructures, their governance and resulting intersectional wellbeing outcomes for low-income Syrian refugees and Turkish groups in Izmir, Turkey. 

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Integrating Syrians into Turkish Higher Education through Recognition of Qualifications (REFREC-TR)

The research is conducted under HOPES-MADAD Programme. 

  1. To develop a comprehensive, functional and tailor-made recognition tool for Turkish higher education concerning Syrians with documents that needs to be validated and more specifically Syrians without proper documents
  2. To publish a comparative research report and a guideline for Turkish higher education system by conducting an evidence-based academic research on how to better cope and integrate Syrians and prospective refugees into Turkish higher education systemFunded by: HOPES-MADAD Programme.
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Inclusion in or Exclusion from Turkish Labour Market? An Ethnographic Analysis on Syrian refugees in İzmir

The research is conducted under the activities of UNESCO Chair on International Migration. It aims at understanding:

  1. How cultural processes tend to directly or indirectly produce and to develop material, symbolic and place-based inequality; 
  2. How these processes feed into the boundary-making process towards Syrian refugees through social closure, symbolic violence or segregation;
  3. How degrees of inequality affect the nature of boundaries particularly with regards to power dynamics relations between the host population and Syrians in İzmir.

The research includes 23 semi-structured interviews with state institutions, trade unions, vocational association and unions, and Turkish employers.
Funded by: Yasar University BAP
Researcher: Selin SIVIS (University of Essex)
Scholar: Bensu ANAR (Yasar University, undergraduate student at IR)
Policy brief 

Migrant Smuggling in Aegean Region: Perceptions and Migrants’ Decision Making (IOM Project)

The research is conducted as part of IOM’s Project on “Supporting Counter Migrant Smuggling Initiatives in Turkey”. It involves 46 in-depth, semi-structured  interviews with migrants, refugees, small business owners, hotel managers and policy makers in Izmir.

The research aims to contribute to the policy recommendations for supporting Turkey’s counter migrant smuggling efforts by conducting a qualitative analysis at local level. Accordingly, it provides data analysis and evidence based knowledge about existing perceptions on smuggling business and decision making processes of migrants in Aegean region. Research findings are published at Journal of International Migration 

Duration: November 2016-July 2017
Funded by: IOM, Norwegian Government 
Research outputs:

Rapor: “Göçmen Kaçakçılığı Algısı ve Göçmenlerin Karar Süreçleri” 

Report: Perception of Smuggling Business and Decision-Making Processes of Migrants

Yıldız, A. (2021).Impact of the EU–Turkey Statement on Smugglers’ Operations in the Aegean and Migrants’ Decisions to Engage with SmugglersInternational Migration, 59 (4), 141-157 


Syrians in Izmir

Field study conducted in 2014 in Izmir which includes interviews with settled Syrians and Turkish host society. The research findings: Limits to Temporary Protection: Non-Camp Syrian Refugees in İzmir, Turkey”

Transatlantic Perspectives in a Changing Global Context: Multilateralism through Regionalism” (EUGLOBAL)

Project Consortium:
 Middle East Technical University, University of California Berkeley, Pittsburgh University, University of Cologne, Yasar University
Funded by: European Commission, FP7 Marie Curie IRSES Programme
Duration: 2012-2015

The project aims to create a network platform that involves partners awarded as Jean Monnet Center of Excellence in EU Studies, foster transfer and exchange of knowledge with a special focus on Euro-Transatlantic comparative perspective. Thus, the project aims not only to create research partnerships but also equip participating researchers with an unprecedented comparative perspective on EU affairs since it will combine outlooks from a founding EU-member state, Germany, a candidate country, Turkey and beyond the Atlantic, the USA.


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  • “Human Trafficking: Developing a Social Cohesion Methodology for the Migrants in Turkey”, IOM Turkey, 2022.
  • Training Module: Intercultural Communication, IOM Turkey
  • SAGLIGIM, EU Sivil Düşün Programe, Coordinator
  • Wellbeing, Housing, and Infrastructure in Turkey (WHIT), 2019-2021 (Funded by British Academy) (2019-2021), Senior Researcher
  • Mentoring Programme for Young People at Risk for Labour Force Entry (EMPLOY) (2019-2021), Senior Researcher
  • Preparation of Country of Origin Booklet (2020), Senior Researcher, Implementor: IOM Turkey, DGMM
  • Enhancing the Capacity of Removal Centres within the Framework of International Human Rights Standards (2019), Senior researcher, Implementor: IOM Turkey, DGMM
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